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29 January 2010 @ 12:24 pm
It was the best gig ever.
I still can't believe i was actually there. I still can't believe i was few feet close to the best band of all time. I still can't believe it's already over.
Oh that boy's a slag
The best you ever had
The best you ever had
Is just a memory and those dreams
Not as daft as they seem
Not as daft as they seem
My love when you dream them up...

The big day started with a very nice meeting at Piazza Duomo, in Milan, with all the arctic monkeys italian forum. It was great to finally meet the people i've chatted with since 2007. We ate the "panzerotti" in a place someone told me about and i felt like crap right after my lunch but it was the time to get to our car and go to the Palasharp.
We waited for 3/4 hours under the snow, i was about to die like Jack in Titanic and the panzerotto kept going up and down through my stomach. I was way too over excited and we spent our time singin' trashy songs like "The locomotion" by Kylie Minogue and cool songs like The Clash, Arctic and The Last Shadow Puppets.

It was around 7:00pm that the security opened the doors letting us in and i started running like Forrest Gump to get the greatest place in the parterre. By that time, i was in a very central second row, and i could easily see the stage where the Mistery Jets were about to play.
When the MJ show began, the crowd went nuts, i couldn't take off my jacket and gloves and i couldn't move my arms and legs because we were all stuck together in a very creepy way. It was useless tryin' to push the crowd back to breath and i started feeling sick. i'm not that tall, so i was there, with all the people pushing me around the parterre, with no space and chances to breath.
My friends ran to the box seats and Tama, a friend who were right next to me in that sort of hell, asked the security guy for help. I was ALONE in the hell. The MJ went out of the stage, we were waiting for the Monkeys and the crowd was getting worse.
So i did the same as Tama and the security guy helped me to get out.
Arctic Monkeys were finally on the stage ready to play.
I ran to the box seats on the right (the furthest from Nick, so i was about to cry) and i spent few songs dancing on the seat with people i didn't know. The view was amazing, i was very close to the stage, and i could watch the backstage where i noticed some Nick's friends enjoying the show (i even know their names). the only one i wasn't able to see from that seat was Matt.

I texted Tama and she fought the crowd again to pick me up(what a lovely girl!) and we headed to higher and more central box seats where we finally met another friend. I enjoyed the show dancing, screaming songs, hugging friends, smiling and crying.
The set-list was great, i'm not really into Catapult or Red right hand, but it was the best show we (and they) ever had anyway.
The secret door moment with corianders (the "Robbie Williams moment, as a friend said) made me cry and i was waiting for them to play when the sun goes down so bad that i almost faint when they started playing it.

The crowd kept singing all the songs, clapping and dancing so hard that even Mr. Alex Turner looked happy and surprised. He drank an italian beer, yelled "LADIEEEES" right before starting playing "I bet you look good on the dancefloor" and let us sing the song enjoying our energy.
They ended the show with the most beautiful version of "Fluorescent adolescent" i've ever heard and the slow 505.
What else can i say: It was a one man show. Matt Helders was AWESOME, he totally rocked it. Alex looked a bit drunk but he was tecnically perfect and his voice sounded great. Nick and Jamie were as good as the others, even though Jamie and John Ashton made some mistakes on pretty visitors. Jamie's face at the end of the show was so sweet! They went out in order: Alex thanked the MJ and then was off, Matt (standing ovation for him), Nick and then Jamie, who was all alone on the stage, waived goodbye curtseying with a very funny face, bagging his cheeks.

I will post more videos, in the mean while,you can find the rest of the photos here on my facebook account.
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25 January 2010 @ 12:01 am
1 day until the Arctic Monkeys gig in Milan.
This little trip is going to be very interesting!
Here i am in Parma, we watched the big Milan-inter match in a crowdy pub near home after a great day spent hangin' out and doing stupid stuff. We went to an art gallery (can't remember the name of the place but it was in the city center) to see an exhibition about the XX century. I was doing great but when i saw a series of pictures of a naked woman i started laughing so hard and Guido started to do the same right after me even though he didn't get why i was doing that. I had to get out of that place.
I had lunch in a super expensive restaurant (as we discovered when the waitress took us the bill) but we ate the best food of all time so it doesn't matter anyway.
It’s ever so funny, I don’t think you’re special I don’t think you’re cool
You’re just probably alreyt, but under these lights you look beautiful
But I’m struggling, I can’t see through your fake tan
And you know it for a fact that everybody’s eating out of your hands

Road trip to Milan tomorrow afternoon, gotta be up early to help Guido with his english exam :)
 Now we are both watching tv and we are really exhausted, so i guess it's time to say bye and go get some sleep. 
God natt, stay tuned and keep reading x 

p.s: Where the fuck is Craviago?
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5 days until the Arctic Monkeys gig in Milan.
I still cannot believe i'm leaving this fucking city to have fun and enjoy my favorite band of all time. University is the last thing (and it should be the first) i can think of and i feel like I'm messing all up.
You're such a fugitive,
But you dont know what you're runnin from,
You cant kid us, and you couldnt trick anyone,
Houdini, love you dont know what you're runnin away from,
Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?
Blinded by nostalgia,
Who wants to sleep in a city that never wakes up?

Friends are not really helping to make me feel better as they keep treating me as if i'm the only one who doesn't give a fuck about anything. I just can't wait to be away for a while. Guido is one of my closest friends and i guess he knows how much it means to me to have the time of my life during this little gig-trip.
Speaking of music, i'm really into The White Lies from the very first time i saw them on a music channel and i'm running to win 2 tickets for their gig in Milan on February 17th though i'm quite sure i couldn't come anyway. Yeah, i'm doing the best i can to act like a perfect masochist but i bet you guys would have done the same if you were in my shoes.
Harry McVeigh is really one of the cutest guy ever and i've read tones of comments on flickr about his kindness and how he acts like a real Gentleman even though he's just 21 years old (wah, he's younger than me! meh...).

"Harry is such a great bloke, I was sat back stage at Stubbs, looking through the pics of the WL gig,
just chatting with them, and out of no where Harry bring me over a big box full of Stubbs BBQ food,
just to make sure I didn't miss out on the food that EVERYONE back stage was diving into. A real Gent."

If you are a Franz Ferdinand fan i've got some good and bad news that you may find quite interesting to read: they will be featured in the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack (that's the bad news) along with Metrostation, Avril Lavigne, Tokio Hotel and other music losers (WTF, Tim Burton?!?). You can find the tracklist on NME or Rolling Stone italia.
The good news is: "The song Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard has teamed up with Franz Ferdinand to record a song to launch Dior's new fashion range". The song is great, you can smell Alex Kapranos in every single note and Marion is so good in this one. Check it out here.
I guess there's nothing left to say, see ya mates  x
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